Missions & Outreach

Missions & Outreach Team Chair:  Violet Stenekes

  • Missions
  • Local Service & Outreach Opportunities
  • Coffee Cart 

Missionaries Supported Financially:
InterAct Ministries:  Valen & Carol Straley - serving in Kamloops
International Student Ministries:  Jeff and Edi Torrans - serving in Kamloops at Thompson Rivers University 
Operation Moiobilization:  Kevin & Angela Janzen - serving in Ireland
Wycliffe Bible Translators - D'Arcy Chapman in Russia

Other Local Missions Agencies Supported Financially:
Kamloops Food Bank
New Life Mission
Pregnancy Care Center

Local Missions - Coffee Cart:
There are hurting people in our city, like there are in every city... marginalized, impoverished, misunderstood people. Every Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. we serve hotdogs and coffee right on the front doorstep of our church building 1132-8th st. There are no strings attached to our service...the people we serve don't have to attend our church, or any church for that matter. If they want to talk we'll listen, if they want us to pray for them, we'll pray for them. Our desire is simple...to serve...and by some means help them see the love and grace of Jesus.